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“Fly poor little one… yes. You can do it… Ouch! Well, not like that... But it's ok… the first step to learn how to fly is to fall...” 

Glass Kiwi is a 2D-platformer game where you play a small glass bird that is learning how to fly to find its little siblings! The process is really hard, because you know… it’s hard to fly. You always have to fall down, break your pieces, piece them together and try again. It’s about being destroyed then restored. 

Mechanics In Glass Kiwi we have the basic movements: walk, jump and glide (If possible: grab + push). The twist is to know and understand that falling is part of the game so you need to learn how much you need to break yourself to advance the levels. Breaking too much is bad, breaking too little is bad. You have to go through trial and error to learn how much you need to break yourself. If you’re big, you jump low but you’re strong, if you’re small you jump high but you’re fragile.

How to Play: 

A/D - Walk 

Space Bar - Jump/Glide 

Left click while touching glass - Carry 
Left click kiwi - Drop glass (to eat it) 

Right click on the glass - Eat it (to get bigger)

R - Restart the game

Song Credit: Yi Nantiro - Hummingbird (Free royalty song)

Sound Fx credits: 

glass24.flac - by Craxic Lush

Life_LevelUp.wav by SimonBay 

wings flapping.wav by tommy_mooney


Glass Kiwi.zip 19 MB


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Honestly a really unique idea and great presentation on the main character. I love the puzzle aspect, chomping up my glass bits to make myself big and strong and then breaking down to traverse tiny areas. Would love to see this mechanic expanded on.  

Glass pickup can be a little finnicky, sometimes it can clip into terrain or just not be picked up.  It also is sometimes unclear what glass break height is vs what death height is, so maybe some sort of visual indicator on the bird would be great to have. 

you're completely right! thank you for the feedback. <3

Thanks for the feedback :)

I am loving this game, simple yet challenging and fun.

Thank you so much for playing our game!

I am the programmer of the game, thanks alot :)